Future Aspirations

Health care is a top priority concern in tending to the aged residents of the Home. In the global perspective, population, ageing has become a reality and a pressing issue in the present day environment and the coming future. Gains in life-expectancy gives an old person and additional lease of life. But the spectre of the diseases of old age will demand heavy pressure and attention of the health care service personnel.

The Home aspires to lay emphasis in the specialized fields of gerontology and geriatrics in old care. The Hospital will be upgraded to become a focal point in this programme. Surveys indicate that there are wavy age groups who can afford to pay for the services if the facilities in the Home can accommodate them. It is also the aspiration of the Home to extend its services in that critical and promising area.

Necessary extension of the present overall infrastructure and medical upgrading will be the programme of the Home in the post Diamond Jubilee years, to enrich the quality of lie of the age residents in their twilight years.


This is the brief history of the Hninzigone Home for the Aged. It is the inspiring monument that stands in dedication to the most sublime lady who single handedly pioneered this humanitarian institution, the admirable gentleman who perpetuated it and the many civic-minded donors corporate and individuals. We warmly invite you to visit us and be a generous donor for a very worthy cause. Such acts of philanthropy will surely be a fountain of joy to the donors and their succeeding generations.

Management Committee
Hninzigone Home for The Aged