Hninzigone Home For The Age Celebrates The Oldest Resident,
Grandma Bwa Aye May's 105th Birthday.


Hninzigone Home for the Aged, Yangon celebrated a rare ceremony to honour the 105th birthday for its oldest resident, Bwa Aye May on Friday the 1st of June 2007.

The ceremony was held at the ‘Thiri Yadana Hall’ and was attended by the President and members of the Management Committee, fellow residents, staff members, donors and volunteers.

Bwa Aye May, the celebrity for the day offered cash, Sangha robes and other offertories to the venerable Sanghas presiding the occasion. Then the Head Sayadaw gave the precepts of morality (Pancha Sila) to the audience, and all lay people poured libation waters to commemorate the graceful ceremony.

Bwa Aye May was spontaneously offered the birthday cake, presents including cash by the President and all attending the birthday party. Bwa Aye May in return donated Kyats 160,000 to the monastery, Sangha Hospital and the Home. She also feted all her fellow resident with lunch, ice cream and shared the birthday cake in a convivial atmosphere.

Bwa Aye May was born in 22.06.1902 at Shewbo town, Sagaing Division in Upper Myanmar, of parents U Ba (Superintendent of Land Records) and Daw The Ngwe. She was a confirmed spinster all her life. In her younger years she earned her living as a vendor. She was admitted to the Home in 1979, and was the long staying resident (28 years) and the oldest (105 years) to date. She was quite healthy for her age, with remarkable memory. She was gentle in manners, clean and neat, and bears herself admirably. She shares room with Bwa Li Li (83), Bwa Than Than (86) and Bwa Nyunt May (79).

The standing record of the oldest resident of the Home was Bwa Hla Tin 109 years. She was born in 1240, Full moon day of Pyatho, Myanmar Era. She was admitted to Home in 1985 at the age of 107 years. She could move about on her own and had a remarkable memory. She passed away peacefully at the Home Hospital in 1987 at the age of 109.