Help and Care

The main aspects of help and care provided for the aged boes and bwas are as follows:

  1. Provide free accommodation which include individual bed, bed sheets, pillow, pillow case, blankets, nettings, etc.
  2. Provide free wearing apparel.
  3. Provide complete health care.
  4. Provide recreational facilities such as library, telivision, outdoor excursion, sport, funfairs.
  5. Provide facilities for religious, prayer ceremonies, discourses, meditataion and mindful contemplation.

Health Care

Medical facilities with western medicines, medical apparatus and equipment are provided to tend to the sick. A full-time doctor and nurses are also assigned for regular and emergency treatment. A Health Supervision Committee comprised of eminent consultant surgeons and physicians oversees the treatment and management of the Home Hospital. For those who prefer traditional treatment, indigenous medicines are also made available, with indigenous trained practitioners offering their voluntary services for the care of the aged sick.