The home for the aged in Yangon was founded by a slik merchant lady Daw Oo Zun in 1933. It was first located at Hninzigone Ward, Thingangyun Township on the eastern outskirts of Yangon city.

In December 1941 when the World War II broke out Daw Oo Zun shifted her aged inmates to her first Home in Mingun near Mandalay. So the Hninzigone Home became temporarily deserted.

When Yangon regained stability after the Japanese occupation, some previous Hnizigone residents returned to their old Home. Being stranded and helpless, venerable presiding monk and social-minded gentleman tended to their immediate needs. Myanma Alin U Tin, proprietor of Myanma Alin newspaper, came to rescue to rehabilitate the Home with expressed consent of Daw Oo Zun who developed the mission in writing to U Tin. A new 11 member committee was formed with U Tin as the first president. The name was also changed to 'Hninzigone House for the Aged in 1943.

As a result of media campaigning donations started to flow in, enabling the Management to repair the dilapidated buildings and purchase beddings, clothings, kitchen utensils to accommodate the aged wards awaiting admission. By May 1943 the Home successfully admitted 12 grandpas and grandmas.

President U Tin struggled to maintain the House at Hnizigone from 1943 to 1956. In 1956 the Home was relocated at the president site, No. 21, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road. New funds were raised to purchase the 7 acre land and new buildings were built for the aged residents to live in comfort. The new House was inaugurated on 20 March 1957. The new name Hninizigone Home for the Aged, Management Committee was duly registered for all formal and informal correspondence and transactions.