The sacred ceremony was held on Full moon day of Kason.

The most auspicious Buddhist ceremony of pouring water to the sacred Bo Tree, to commemorate the supreme self-enlightenment of Duddhahood by the Bodhisatta Siddhattha on the full moon day of Kason (Vesak) at the foot of the Bo Tree, was held at the premises of Hninzigone Home for the Aged at Bahan Township, Yangon on 30 April 2007. (Full moon day of Kason in the year 1369 of Myanmar Era).

The sacred ceremony began at 6 AM in the early hours of the Holy Day when the entourage led by the President of the Management Committee Lt Col Kyaw Shein (Retd), vice-president U Thaung Tut, Management Committee members, resident Boes and Bwas, staff members and families, trainees of Buddhist mingala cultural teams first proceeded to the Aye Chan Aung Myin pagoda and washed the Buddha images and sacred relics with clean water. Then they offered flowers, perfumes, and joss sticks to the pagoda relies. Then they recited the prayers, parittas and diffused universal love to the donours and well wishers for the perpetuation of the Home, and to all living begin on this planet and beyond.

After the prayer session, the entourage proceeded to the sacred Boe Tree reciting Patthana puja. On arrival at the Bo Tree they poured clean water as a mark of respect at the virtues of lord Buddha and his Dhamma teachings. At 8:30 AM the entourage assembled at the Thiriyadana Hall, took the nine precepts from the most venerable presiding Sayadaw of Nyaugdone monastery. Then the President and the Committee member poured libation water, sharing the merits of the auspicious occasion.