The Present Day Scene

What started as a small Home for the Aged founded by a deeply devout lady humanitarian Daw Oo Zun out of her own assets and savings in 1933 has now developed into a modern complex on an estate covering 7 acres of land space, with the building complex to tend to the help and care of 240 aged residents. New buildings are built in place of old ones to meet the needs of the increasing aged previous seeking assistance. Among the significant modern buildings are:

Aye Chan Aung Myin gilded pagoda. Beautiful lawns, gardens and landscaping.
A magnificent three-tiered gateway with pedestrian walk. A new two-storey Thiri Yadana Congregation Hall for social ceremonies and religious prayers and meditation.
A free medical clinic to attend the out patients of the vicinity. A new four-storey Bwa Daw Oo Zun residential building to commemorate the 75 years.